What this is.


Since 1994 I have been leaving a footprint in the internets. And since I have opened way too many blogs, social network profiles and contributions in other websites and portals. This is my attempt to consolidate it all. 

It's important you all understand this unfathomable need of mine to share things and the root of it all was my upbringing. My father raised me in the belief that if we don't share what we know it makes us selfish human beings. Since then it has been something I do unconsciously and has been evident everywhere from my stint as a college professor for almost 4 years -which I hope I go back to doing sometime- to anyone who has shared more than 5 minutes into a conversation with me will have noticed.

My current life responsibilities and the projects I am involved in keep me from posting or sharing as much as I would want but I'll do my best and hope it either makes your life better or just puts a smile on your face.

I will link to those online personas of mine but I will start fresh here with only new things.