Note to self on my 31st birthday

I'm so grateful for the life I was given and happy with what I've done with it in these 31 years. I've lived so much yet it seems so little. I'm so lucky for the family I have and the friends I can call such. 

I haven't accomplished some things I would've wanted by this birthday but I take comfort in the fact that I haven't stopped trying.  

If the first 23 days of this year are even the slightest indication of what's to come in 2014, it seems I'm going to not only have a blast but embrace it to the fullest. 

The most interesting thing about this birthday is that—for the first time in my lifetime—I don't feel that I have aged a year but added life to this last year. For that, I should thank in large part CrossFit. I've never been in better shape internally or physically. 

I'm so happy I'm celebrating 31 because, in all honesty, I'm really happy to have been able to live 31 years to the fullest. Sometimes I think I'm in debt with live. Then I think that a lot of people I know don't use all the life in their lives—so it's ok if I live a little above the "normal" threshold. No one's keeping count. In fact, most probably no one else thinks about these things.

Due to all this happiness, tonight, instead of singing happy birthday to me, I'm gonna have a moment to just say thanks—and toast to that.