Liquideep - Alone

So, I was going to leave this post for friday but I could not contain myself in excitement over this find. This is Soulful House at it's best with a sprinkle of Progressive. Let this song implode inside of you.

I found it in a Sebastian Gamboa (more on him and this set in a later post) DJ set that came to my door straight from Ibiza in CD form and upon listening to the first few seconds and first verse, I was so hooked I googled the sh*t out of it and discovered Liquideep. This song is actually from March, so new it is not. Apparently they're really famous either in South Africa (from where they are originally) or somewhere because they have a Facebook Page with more than a quarter million likes.

I always say that when songs are this good, words are superfluous to explain it. So here's not only the song but after the jump I'm including the lyrics. At least there's something relatively new about the song I'm giving you: the official video. Came out this past month.

Get the song: Download | Purchase

At night she cries, she feels the pain
Her love has left, and gone away
She sits and wonders will things change
to you here is what I have to say
You dont have to be alone,
I am always here for you.
You dont have to be alone,
All you have to do is call.
You dont have to be alone,
I will always be around.
You dont have to be alone,
Alone, alone, alone, alone, alone, alone.
You dont have to be alone.
Tonight we'll wipe your tears away
I'll share your hurt, I'll share your pain
When you call I'll run through snow and rain
Now on my knees, here's what I'll say