Haim - Forever (The Knocks Remix)


It's really interesting from the original is quite a departure from this remix. It has the girl's naked vocals over a rock drum-work and a couple of instruments come in — a guitar here a plastic cowbell there, some piano work and back to the naked vocals over the drums. You can listen to the three songs here and pick up their EP here.

It's always a pleasure to bring you amazing work by a pair of guys that couldn't be any more awesome in real life. I've had the opportunity to share many moments off the stage with them and I love it when we coincide in the island for some good ass fun.

Flanger on the initial loop and chopped vocals start this trip. Followed by a bassline that, to say the least, has its own personality. A feel-good build-up that ends with a hands-in-the-air moment that is as musically catchy as the lyrics themselves. I might get killed if I'm mistaken but that bass-work sounds a lot like something Mr jPatt would have fun doing. 

I would also advice towards following Mr jPatt and bRoc on Instagram and Twitter. Never dull boys.

Download Haim Forever (The Knocks Remix)