Chris Isaak - Wicked Games: The best remix, cover & versus.

That infamous private beach party.

That infamous private beach party.

This was quite a long and inspired post but it got deleted somehow last night. That’s why this re-make will be kinda short. I hope I don’t miss the basic ideas I was covering in the deleted one.

The remix: by Soul Clap

This remix has a little bit of everything: from flanger, to wah wah, from chopped vocals to echoed organ chords. This one is best served among good company, friends and it’s dance-ready.

Download Chris Isaak Wicked Games (Soul Clap Remix)

The cover: by James Vincent McMorrow

Now, this is the special one. Considering the over-covered, over-remixed and over-played song the original is.. one would think there was no way to cover this song in a truly special way. Turns out JVMM did it. You see – it DOES NOT get any more personal, intimate, sexy and deep than this sh*t right here. This song is best treated like your virginity, like your first time. Don’t waste it. And it feels so special that you should only dedicate it to one person. And only if you’ve been in that situation. If you’ve kinda been in that situation: don’t. This is not a song to play pretend. This is the real sh*t. In the words of Katt Williams: “this sh*t right here ni**a!? this sh*t right here ni**a!? this is death!”

Download James Vincent McMorrow Wicked Games

The versus: by who knows who

The first time I heard this one was like 4 or 5 years ago. In a private party in a virgin beach of the Dominican Republic’s East coast. The DJ was skinny and european lookin’. I didn’t know him. Frankly no one did. Not even the birthday guy that flew him from NYC just for that day. All I knew was I was told that he was the greatest thing in the music business (DJing) to come out of the South of France in the last couple of years. That’s how I met my french brother Fabien Kouffach. We hit off such a good friendship since that day that he asked me to manage him and we’ve been working together ever since. Every time this song plays every single one of those 27 people from all over the world that were that magical day at that beach we reminisce and smile.

Download Chris Isaac Vs Fatboy Slim-Praise A Wicked Game Praise A Wicked Game