Alex Gopher ft. Saint Michel - Hello Inc


So, basically I've been waiting for 2 months for this song to be released. I even set a reminder for today. Been wanting to share it with you since I first heard it. Didn't because I couldn't find a copy of an MP3 ANYWHERE on the web. Still can't. That's why you can listen to the original and all the remixes and if you like it that much I suggest you do the same thing I did and purchase it. Or star it on Spotify. Trust me, it's worth every penny.

I don't know much about Alex Gopher but Saint Michel I love. Hailing from Versailles, France I fell in love with this duo when I heard their song Katherine (which I featured in this post) and its remixes.

My two favourite versions of this song are DJ Falcon's Parallel Remix and DJ Falcon Remix. Jesus Christ, god bless the french.

Get the song: Purchase | Spotify