Weekly Mixtape: REFLEX #15

Many of you ask for playlists to just download and play on your weekend getaway or work hours. That's why I'm not waiting for the weekend to give you this excellent Synthpop / Seadisco goodness. It's like the best of the best of what's come out in the recent months in these genres.

Our yaqui.co favourite duo from the South of France REFLEX was kind enough to grace us with this one. I wrote a piece on their Holy War Remix for Birkii on EMPT and here's what Ludmilla (1/2 of REFLEX) had to tell me about themselves:

We would like to give some happiness with our “REFLEX” project. We’re from South of France, just near from the sea so, our music is made with much of ‘sun’ ! We want to make people happy, we want to share with them our frame of mind.
— Ludmilla from REFLEX

If you've been wondering what I meant with Seadisco earlier. It’s very interesting that among the genres or categories like synthpop and balearic, REFLEX is trying to coin the term ‘seadisco’ to describe their stuff; meaning “chords that remind you of the sun and the sea.” Ahh, how comforting and délicieuse is this piece. Enjoy and download for free! After the jump you shall find the tracklist.

Tracklist :

01. Don't Break My Heart ( Tronik Youth remix )

02. Peanut Butter ( Moon Boots remix )

03. Plastic Plates - Things I didn't Know I Loved ( feat. Simon Lord ) Kitsuné

04. Pompeya - Power ( Zimmer remix )

05. Kimbra - Two Way Street ( Aeroplane remix )

06. Jupiter - Juicy Luicy ( Punks Jump Up remix )

07. Lindstrom - Re-Ako-St ( Todd Terje edit )

08. Kill The Hero feat. MK de Monde - Surrender ( REFLEX remix ) Continental Records

09. Rüfüs - This Summer ( JBAG remix ) Continental / Kitsuné

10. Yuksek - the Edge ( Aeroplane remix )

11. Dj Cam - Uncomfortable ( REFLEX remix ) coming soon

12. Hot Chip - How Do You Do ( Todd Terje remix )

13. Citizens! - True Romance ( Gildas remix )

14. Emil & Friends - Royal Oats ( Dubka remix )

15. AnthonyF - Frienzy ( Eyeflash remix )

16. Love is Raining Down ( Wilbur remix )

17. St Lucia - September ( Punks Jump Up remix )

18. Revolver - Let's Get Together ( Ryan Riot remix )

19. Moullinex - Take My Pain Away ( Gigamesh remix )

20. Live Element - Be Free ( Oliver remix )