Ezel ft. Tamara Wellons make love to the Girl From Ipanema


Dominican Republic born and raised Ezel Feliz concocts a laid-back, jazz-infused beauty of a song. If you pay attention you will notice how every single cover of this song is below 3 minutes. Ezel does exactly the opposite giving this rendition all the room needed to breathe some fresh air. And Tamara Wellons' vocals are nothing short of blissful. I can only imagine Ezel playing this on a chic hotel bar suited up in a tuxedo, dreads in a pony tail — with a glass of brandy on top of the grand piano while he plays and smiles.

They say that after The Beatles' Yesterday, Antonio Carlos Jobim's song is the second most covered song. Let me tell you, this is isn't just another cover. Hit play and embrace this beauty. I'm calling this my Q-Tip for this week. 

Thank you Ezel & Tamara for taking me places.