G Templeton ft. Alex Slavin - One Look


This is really fresh, and it only took one look err, one listen, for it to swoop me off my feet. Start the week proper with this disco house goodness.

The bridge that starts at 3:40 is a nice sonic surprise.

I know I've been off the grid the last 3 weeks but I just got my Internet back at home after a month without. How I made do without it I still don't know. But that's the reason for my sporadic posts. Every week I write the 5 or 7 posts for the week following, and when I can't do that I just do them at night — my only free time. So, hope you forgive me for not posting as much as I normally do. The upside is that I now have a shitload of new music to share with you guys.

With one look you spun me around. Baby pick me up, before I go down.
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