Jetlag - Every Woman


I was lucky enough to receive an email from a contact form submission on by Miguel Fernandez from Brussels – one of two guys (the other is Renato Márquez) behind the Jetlag outfit.

I'm sure keeping an eye on him and hope he keeps in touch. This came out like 3 days ago. You can follow them on Soundcloud and Facebook.

As for the song, God, when the mark hits 2:43 it's on. It's obvious even from the title that Jetlag took Whitney Houston's I'm Every Woman and sampled it. But that break/bridge I find amazingly well excecuted, even more so followed by that little marimba hits. The song is before and after that bridge. For a second it does not disappoint. 

Enjoy this downtempo nu disco goodness. If you like Cyril Hahn, Amine Edge or ColeCo's work then you'll certainly enjoy this one. Have a happy weekend, this is perfect to start it.

Get the song: Download