RAC - Climbing Up The Walls (ft. Liz Anjos)

If the musical birth-childs of this happily married couple are any indication of what can come out when those two get in the studio, I cannot imagine what their biological birth-child will look and sound like.

I've personally spoken to André regarding the things RAC, himself and Liz have in store for the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 and I couldn't be more ecstatic about it. It gives me satisfaction and in a weird way pride to know that the world does not need any more proof of the talent in different genres that André and his crew exude. I think the dude transpires creative sweat.

If the production wasn't stellar enough I won't even go to penning my thoughts on what Liz's blissful vocals does to this beautiful rendition. They both make this cover as timeless as the original — in its own special way.

This Radiohead cover is RAC's gift after hitting 25,000 followers on Soundcloud. Let's share that page and help them reach 50,000. i cannot wait for what they'll gift us then.