Röyksopp - Running To The Sea ft. Susanne Sundfør

Disclaimer: Röyksopp is my favourite band in the whole wide world, reader discretion is advised as I may be bluntly biased from here on out.

So, when I saw the video I almost cried. It was the vocals, it was the music, it was all. The things I would have given to be on that performance at that final anniversary show for NRK Lydverket.

As if it wasn't enough, as a bonus they covered Depeche Mode's Ice Machine. I mean, can you believe how natural Röyksopp and Susanne sound? And perhaps how good Röyksopp is at teaming with the perfect vocalist for their songs?

Here's a bit of what Svein & Torbjørn had to say about the collabo:

Initially, we thought about performing a pure cover version, but the chemistry and vibes between the three of us was out of the ordinary, which led us to put together a new track from scratch. The song Running To The Sea was written and recorded in two days, just in time for the TV-performance.

I cannot wait for this to be released officially, since that is a fact, I ripped the shit out of it and you can download it below. Enjoy. *sigh*

UPDATE: The song has been released officially. I purchased it, I've included the purchase link so you can too. Trust me, it's worth it.

Get the song: Download | Purchase HQ