Future Islands - Cotton Flower


Listening to this song for the first time reminded me of something -that while quite common and automatic for me- isn’t for most people. And that is pay attention to the little things in life and enjoy them while doing so. There’s so much one can learn from reading between the lines of not what is being said with words or coming out of someone’s lips, but what their eyes, their body and gestures say. Next time you ask someone a question, whichever it may be -best if it’s something that has to do with emotions- get close enough to that person to see his/her pupils. Depending on the effect your question has on that person you’ll notice how it barely changes in size to totally dilating to the point you can barely see his/her eye’s color. 

Most people don’t know/notice this but one of the most gratifying things of human interaction is when someone -through body language- mirrors our posture or gestures (see: flick of hair, leg crossing, lip touching, etc). Try it next time you’re with someone and you will have found an index for rapport.

Use Cotton Flower as the first track to your daily run and halfway into it make it the song to which you start thinking about the superfluous and trivial things in life. It soundtracks these situations quite fluidly and naturally. Because the lyrics are not pretentious at all. In fact, it tells the story about being under the sun and enjoying the little things in life like a little cotton flower with that special someone. 

The combination of the melodramatic vocals of frontman Samuel Herring reminisces that of Anthony Hegarty, but when you pair those with the uplifting synth-friendly pop sounds is when you get a really unique type of uptempo ballad. The true sonic contradiction is what makes it stand out and feel fresh every time you hear it. 

The record is pay what you want via BandCamp with all proceeds going directly to the Ariel Panero (label partner) Memorial Fund at VH1’s Save the Music. To give a little back is the least we can do when we’re gifted with such fresh sounds.