ColeCo - Ricky Smiley


You see, I have much respect for Brandy's original: I Wanna Be Down. In fact, I'm pretty sure that back in the 90's it helped me one or two times with a lady. That said, what ColeCo has done to this song is out of this world. In the original you can yawn in between beats and you'll still be in time. In this version it speeds up to nu-disco BPMs with disco and funk replacing the R&B of Brandy's version. 

If you've had the hots for that special someone for weeks and been wanting ever since to close that deal I suggest you do the following:

Hit play on this one, get as close enough as you can and while you sexy dance the sh*t out of her/him sing this one to her/his ear. Then back away a bit while still dancing and wink with a sexy smile.

If after this the other person isn't naked or in the process of doing so I suggest you run in the opposite direction. What you have in front of you IS NOT what you think it is. 

Under this name this song can takeover radio stations in 2012 and half the kids would never know it was even more popular back in the 90's, when no relationship started without its dose of R&B in the making.

Damn this is sexy and fresh.

I would love to get to know you if I could be
The kind of girl that you would be down too
Cause when I look at you I feel someting tell me
That you’re the kind of guy that I should make a move on.