Van She - Idea of Hapiness (Robotaki Remix)


I'm starting this week with theft. A late post (sorry but it's a long weekend here in the tropics) of a little gem I snatched from Viceroy while he was playing his beach set here in Juanillo Beach in the Dominican Republic.

When Austen played this track I ran across the beach to the stage and I don't think I even asked which remix it was he was playing. He just smiled upon seeing me run on stage and knew exactly what I was about to do.

How he managed to mixed this in smoothly I don't know, because the beginning of the song is quite mellow and tropical. Let me just say it worked flawlessly. The crowd went wild. But I'm not gonna spoil it for you. Yes, it's an over-played over-mixed song and that's why this remix is so fresh. Out of the oven almost as it was only 14 days it was released.

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