Cajoline - Only Girl (Branded James Remix)


Mr. Branded James sent me his remix for Cajoline's Only Girl (which is very good in its original version) and I've been listening to it for the past week or so. Actually, the reason why I hadn't posted it before is that he sent it on the last day of my Christmas vacations.

The remix starts in true Branded James shiny synths fashion. After the pulsating beats under the synth progression takes over it's happy-go-dancing. I must say that in the last months Branded James has been putting out consistent quality material and so far I've dug all his releases. Especially the ones where he teams up with G Templeton (see my write-up on their Two Princess collaboration over at EMPT). I suggest you follow him on Facebook and stay up to date with his new releases — well, we'll still do that for you but, whatever.

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