Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz


A friend with a good ear pointed me towards this song early last month, and I dug it, the video too — but didn't fall head over heels over it. On friday I gave it another listen and loved it. This happens to me once in a while. I chose to share it with you today because this Sunday feels like a Jazz House Sunday.

Klangkarussell is known for spicing and sometimes starring his productions with saxophones and percussions with a jazz influence. Some say there's a Jazz House movement and that it's led by Klangkarussel & Bakermat. The track starts quite laid back, as if waking up on a farm house in a northern european winter, but as the song progresses it gets warmer by the second. The sax teases and when the beat comes in it's summer before you know it. Beautiful to say the least. The song is a year old and to me sounds as fresh as ever. Timeless music right here if you ask me.

Chill to this on this beautiful sunday.

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