Chela - Full Moon (G Templeton Remix)

g templeton grass.jpg

G Templeton is sort of like one of the usual suspects here at We've featured G  before and we're fan of his works. This time he remixes Chela's Full Moon and we're loving what he did with it. But instead of me dissecting the songs how I always do, I'll leave to Mr. Templeton himself as he gives us this technical and conceptual glimpse into what went into the creation of this remix. 

Here's what he had to say:

When I started working with the vocal I knew I wanted to make something with more energy than my past remixes. I had planned on using the entire vocal and actually produced a whole different remix than the one I released, but I wasn’t happy with it, so I scrapped the entire idea and started pretty much from scratch... I got the bassline going first. I wanted it to drive the track and sound good alone, but also fit well with other synths, so I could build a groove around it. I also decided to use only a couple vocal phrases and melodies and slice up certain parts to create a different vibe.

And I'll be damned if you were successful in creating that different vibe. Download this freebie off the Soundcloud widget and support G by liking his Facebook page.