TBT: A-ha - Take On Me (Alex McGhee Remix)


I've been waiting almost a full week for thursday to come since I found this remix. I know this song has been remixed countless times but what makes this remix unique is the little bits and pieces of different influences while keeping the original tempo and vocals almost intact. It has some dubstep –to a point where it's pleasant in a classic and doesn't take away it's soul–, its melodic and at times has a bit of an anthemic feeling to it. 

The only thing I would've done better is get someone to master and mix it properly. But that's something maybe only I notice and, c'mon, at that price (free), no one can complain. Enjoy this Throwback Thursday tune my friends.

Today I'm moving back to my home country from a country I've come to love in the past 9 months and I have bittersweet feelings about it. I made friendships that'll last a lifetime and that some of those changed my perspective in some things in life and I leave what we started as a business project, as a reality up and running. Thank you Colombia for these 9 months, among all the things you gave me, there's this blog – which is one of my biggest personal joys right now and I'm taking everywhere with me wherever I go.