Yellowire - Tonight Is The Night (Oliver Nelson Remix)


I've been clapping and dancing since October to this tune. Don't know why I didn't post it before. It's not a hands-in-the-air party-all-the-time tune but it sure is a Friday tune. 

Oliver Nelson definitely spices things up with his timbrels, claps and kicks. I also like the bridge, with the lopped echoed vocal over the simple electric organ chords. Then the claps, little spacial effects and back to the dancefloor we go.

Add this to your friday or weekend playlist, you'll surprise a few friends with it.

For those in the island of the Dominican Republic it's a long weekend and you shouldn't miss our sister blog ShaveUrLegz Juanillo Music Fest Winter Edition. The lineup is amazing: Poolside, Ghost Beach, Goldroom, French Horn Rebellion and Voices of Black. Don't miss it, I know I won't.

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