Petula Clark - Cut Copy Me (Compuphonic Remix)


So, the first time I heard this song it stopped me in my tracks. It's so rare there's only a couple of youtube videos, no high quality copies free o for purchase are available out there and that damn song is like a drug. Addictive from the the first hit. I managed to snatch a promo copy at 128kbps. If you're kind enough and find a higher quality copy, please return the love and share it with me. Or if you find a purchase link even better.

Anyway, I had never heard of Petula Clark and was not aware Compuphonic made this remix for her. But damn am I glad he did. Enjoy this beautiful sunny afternoon in the Caribbean with this one.

Here's my rare find for this week. Also, my Remix Of The Week.

Get the song: Download