The song that would have been the first post on this blog


After a 20 day vacation –for which I apologise to you, our readers– that I really needed after more than a year and a half without taking a proper reset, today I'm posting a very special song.

When I started this blog in August 2012, the first song I picked to write on was Final DJs' remix of MRTN's Slow. I actually wrote a long introductory and inspired post and somehow –since it was my first time using the Squarespace Interface– I managed to delete it before publishing it. I got so mad after this that I said 'fuck it'. And never posted the song until today even though I always said to myself 'remember to write the post on Slow'.

Anyway, here it is. After the de rigueur mixable intro a pulsating synth pattern comes in announcing something big. I can't express what this song does to me but it gets me in a happy kind-a-party mood every single time. I can also attest that it's great to listen on the highway while driving somewhere exciting.

Please enjoy our first tune of 2013 that is actually almost a year old but fresh enough to do the job.

Here's what Final DJs had to say about it: 

...a Voyage through the Night, a first date, a first kiss,Chords,Claps of Love,Bassline of Thunder....but sometimes its better to take it slow...we hope you all feel the same!

Get the song: Download

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