Work Drugs - Delta

So today I received in my submissions inbox from Thomas of Work Drugs. I had never heard them but apparently they have a good fan base and a kickass bio "Philadelphia's Bar Mitzvah and Quinceañera party band". And in their more descriptive About page it says that "Work Drugs makes music specifically for boating, sexting, dancing, yachting, and living."

Um, I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks they can't sing in tune but the cool part about it is that somehow it sounds good. Their production is good and I'd say they're like the Kid Cudi of smooth-fi, because they completely get away with it.

I invite you to check their Soundcloud page and click around. Most of their tracks are free downloads. Here's Delta, their latest cut, hot off the oven only 5 hours ago.

Get the song: Download