Making it up to you...


I'm so sorry for leaving you guys hanging this week. No posts during the weekend and no posts yesterday or today :( Because of this, Imma do you one better. Here's a post with a kickass group of songs I've been listening to lately but haven't had the chance to write about them. Things are so hectic in the office and I've had no time to write. 

Let's start with Patafunk's remix of Morgan's Bay by Goldroom. Hot damn! Caribbean sailing and slow disco at its best.  

Next up is Claptone's remix of The Magician's When The Night Is Over. Oh mon dieu! Thing has stopping power from the beginning. Deep House funk when you least expect it and a journey into the mind of Claptone's pristine remixing skills. I'd like to thank my boy Oviedo for pointing me to this one.

We continue with some Baroque Techno to cleanse our ears a bit. This time it comes from Saturday, Monday with the lovely vocals of Julia Spada. It's a bold tune yet feels light. You can taste it's heartfelt and organic along with its commanding presence.  

In other news, Kulkid has done it again. This time for Foals. I find it interesting how he managed to blend Foals original dark vibe to with some tropical marimba grooves. You wouldn't take a Foals song to the dancefloor in its original form but what Kulkid did is nothing short of a dancefloor killer. Wait for the strings 3/4 into the track—epic. Loving the vibes on this, I can't listen to it in a volume that is not LOUD.  Just wait for this one to own the blog charts.