Calvin Harris & Alesso Feat. Theo Hutchcraft - Under Control


Ok so, maybe not publicly but, in person, I've confided to some friends how I'm fed up of the same formulaic progressive house out there. And for the greater part of this 2013 I haven't been purchasing, downloading and/or listening to much prog house. Doesn't matter who did it. The closest to it I've been is listening to The Chainsmokers and Vicetone remixes of songs I like. But that's about it.  

Until today that I heard this. I'll admit it, I dig it. A little more than I would like to admit. I guess it's got some chemical inside of it that makes you want to rape the re-play button. Don't believe me? Hit play once and let me know how it goes in the comments. 

This can quite possibly be one of the Top 3 tracks of 2013. Mark my words. 

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