Unicorns of Oct. 22, 2013

Copyright - Archie McPhee

Copyright - Archie McPhee

This is the first of a series born out of the values upon which this blog was created. 

When I started this blog —and the reason it was picked up by Hype Machine to grace its list of carefully hand-picked indexed blogs— I did so upon the idea of bringing something new and of value to the table. Meaning, every time that I could, I wanted to provide my readers music that was so new, chances were they hadn't heard it before.  

One of the criteria for the music I will be posting on this series is that it has not been previously posted by any of the blogs featured on Hype Machine. Its as far as I can go as to claim that chances are you haven't heard it before. I hope you like it. Please do tell me your thoughts on the tunes and the series on the comments section.  

Why unicorns? 'Cause chances are you probably haven't seen (heard) them, but you can never rule out dreams, drugs and higher states of consciousness.  

Without further ado and in no particular order, here we go: 

Le Couleur - Voyage Amoureaux

I have no idea when they started doing their thing but the alt-rock (wait for the solo) vibe mixed with the modern-french sound of House music sounds as good as it gets. Watch out for this, should explode on the blogosphere anytime now.


David Keller - Pure (Original Mix) 

Pure starts as chillwave track that some might take for granted for its use of the saxophone but make no mistake, the song has a personality of its own. You can feel the balearic house infusion in its spacey/ethereal vibe. It is truly something to keep for those moments when someone plays something that sounds just like everything else in these genres and yet—you feel like rising above with a memorable piece.

Lamy feat. Edward Dillon - Heracles 

The beginning reminds me some of those imposing house tracks of early 2000s with their sustained bass notes. Then comes a piano with similar chords and slowly other instruments that build up to something pleasant. It is important to note that the song's handicap lies in the fact that it is unmixed/unmastered so... You know what to expect. Regardless, I like it and I hope you too. I can't wait for a final release of this song. If this is LAMY's first release ft. Yume, the future looks bright. 

Chakals - Gallienis

At first Chakals's music might sound a bit experimental, and to be honest, it could be—I couldn't say because I don't own much background info from this Parisian outfit but I'm digging their sound. 80's vocals with some modern nu disco and french house goodness. This is track 4 of their debut EP.  If you listen to this song while driving be warned: there's an ambulance in the song's background—you don't have a real one behind you.

Coldplay - Clocks (HAUGLI Remix) 

This here is a jewel. Normally I'd wait out until Thursday for a #TBT but it belongs here.   I don't need to say much about the original or the times it has been remixed but this is brand spanking new and it should make the rounds on the blogs. 

HollyHenry - Seven Nation Army (Teemid Cover) 

So, apparently the story goes like this: HollyHenry covered The White Stripes (which I'm including as a bonus due to how cool it is) and then Teemid remixed that and gave it his touch. And this is the result. Something you could play at home or in a set and it is bound to be a crowd pleasing surprise.  Fear HollyHenry's high notes.

Sugar Daadies - Lycka (Original Mix) 

I honestly don't know where to categorise this one. I know it's mainly Deep House but the harmonies and chant-like backing vocals plus the church organs and the percussions... It's a concoction strangely found in this type of tunes and nowadays especially. Here it goes, come to your own conclusions. It even has handclaps. 

The Beatles - Come Together (David August Reconstruction) 

A bit to the left or right and this remix would have gone sour. Lucky for David August he hit it right in the middle—not too heavy and not too light. I found myself clapping and nodding the first time I heard it. What I like most about it is that, situationally speaking, the song works well in very different settings. From a late night session to your set's cool-down highlight track. 

OhLand - Love You Better (John Dillinger Remix) 

I'm gonna finish this first of the series with a song I really enjoy from OhLand. The pulsating beats drive me home and on a journey. Perfect to play on a long highway.