Joris Voorn - Ringo (Tommy Trash Sunrise MM Edit)


Four days ago Bostonian Marko Milicevic did something really awesome. He published his edit of Joris Voorn's already awesome Ringo and sort of mashed it with The Aston Shuffle &  Tommy Trash's Sunshine. This really needs no explanation, it's better understood by listening. All you need to know is that it is worthy of your time. After the jump I transcribe Marko's words—I couldn't have said it better:

There are releases that pass by unnoticed, there those with a couple weeks of hype, and then there are the future classics that either stun us with their electro power, impress us with their intricate production. I decided to make an edit of Joris Voorn's fantastic release called "Ringo" and bring in the vocals by The Aston Shuffle and Tommy Trash "Sunrise (Won't Get Lost)" to make this piece even more tranquilizing and melodic! Check this edit out - you won't regret it.


The song is available as a free download if you like his page.