Unicorns of Oct. 29, 2013


This is the second post of an ongoing series of songs that you might think you've heard before —and maybe you have— but chances are you haven't. Check out the first post for more details and some other awesome rare tracks. 

First off we bring you AxMod's New Area. If you dig Empire Of The Sun's Walking On A Dream then chances are you'll dig this version featuring sexy sax grooves.

This is a nice chill tune from Parisian Athori that samples Johnny Cash's Another Man Done Gone. The cool thing is that almost halfway through the song there's an awesome spacey piano bridge that comes back to a dance-lounge vibe. 

Gamper & Dadoni ft. De Hofnar is almost a household name nowadays. No introduction is needed, but I really wanted to feature this new jam by them called Oxas.  

Shaparder is Oscar Fally from Belgium. He's doing some interesting genre-blending tunes with an uplifting sound yet dark electro house from the 90s. After all that is said, the prevailing sound is a Nu Disco vibe. Just hit play.

I want to finish today's post with The Hacker Remix of Aline's Je Bois Et Puis Je Danse. Slow throwback rock ballad with a house feel to it. It's pretty unique and groovy. It's also a cool ice breaker to say to a girl: do you know what the song means? I drink and then I dance. It's what most of us normal people do.