Zimmer - Galapagos


They say Zimmer wrote this new song called Galapagos in a Mexican airport after missing his flight. I don't know where he was coming from but I think he was headed -or hoping- to a warm tropical paradise like the Dominican Republic. Truth is, that flight was headed to Tulum, but I'd like to think his head was here in the DR. And, he will -literally- be here tomorrow night when he plays ShaveUrLegz's Winter Showcase at Praia. Also on that lineup is Chordashian which we've featured heavy here on Yaqui.co and our good friend Karl from the RAC duo. See picture at the end of the post if you don't know which one is which.

If you search for Zimmer on this blog you'll find many posts. I'm also including here one of my favorite works by him. While there's the original remix of his for Pompeya's Power, it is this —the 12" Dub that I featured last year— that steals my heart. 

Even before I opened this blog I was already talking on the net about this dude. Last September I wrote a post on his rework of Tina Turner's What's Love Got To Do on the very-much-respected and hailed quality music blog Et Musique Pour Tous for which I am lucky to say I was and am a contributing writer.

I'm a big big fan of Zimmer, so I will continue including songs I love he has touched. One of my go-to songs for beach rides is his remix for Micky Green's In Between.

We'll end this post by adding his remix of Montevideo's Horses.

Now you can truly claim you have everything you need to get the weekend started and your feet memory in check for tomorrow night. Let's dance!

PS: If you want a taste of Chordashian check out our previous posts on their songs Illusion and Cold Nights.

Safe to say that Karl is the dude on the left. You don't wanna know who the other two dudes are.