Chris Malinchak - If U Got It

Everyone or most people that know me by now know that Chris Malinchak is one of my favorite producers of the last couple of years now. He has a new single coming out January 2014 but you can hear the deliciousness with which he opens the new year for us now. To make it even better, here's the video for the song. It's poorly acted but fuck it, I can totally relate to this situation. If you don't understand it it's because it has never happened to you. And if it hasn't happened to you then I can't explain it. Hope you enjoy the video and the song as much as I do. This is as high quality house music as it gets in 2013. 


I'm including the 7-day-old brand new song Call My Name by Chris which is released for free (I still can't believe it though I couldn't be more grateful).