WMNSTUDIES - Too Damn Dope For Me ft. INOJ (Bootleg)


I'm so glad Nathan from WMNSTUDIES sent this in. It's a throwback to the 90's but smooth enough to sail in warm waters. It's got just the right amount of ethereality and –like Nathan says– you can feel the French Express influence almost as much as if it was released by the tastemakers inside that label.

I told Nathan via email that I really liked the fusion of not so much as genres but influences in it. He was kind enough to give us some insight into the thought and production process on this and their latest work.

Zach comes from a Hip hop background, but is also a brilliant singer and songwriter. I grew up playing Bass in a few Indie Bands. I have been back in Vancouver while Zach is still in Toronto. We produce our tracks currently via sharing and sending files over the web and critiquing, complimenting and compromising. Because of our vast interests, tastes and backgrounds, our music thus far has been loosely categorised, so we wanted to define our sound more and set into a groove with a tighter genre definition. After long discussion, we knew we wanted to go with a more housy-er , soulful sound. integrating hip hop style sampling with dancehall/moombah rhythm . We both grew up in the 90's (Zach has a hard on for 90210) so nostalgia pointed us to the direction of the vocal sample. This track embodies the exact qualities we set out for, and we are extremely excited to call this our new sound! 

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