Milwaukee - Alone (AMTRAC Remix)


Here's the deal. For exactly one month now I've been listening to this remix non-stop. In my car, after the gym, before the gym, while I work — it works in every single situation.

Even better is the fact that every time I listen to it, I find a little subtlety to it. Chopped vocals are not a naturally occurring act, yet on this one, AMTRAC makes it feel so natural. The echoed ad-libs behind as a sort of harmony and that punching synth and drums. I mean, at points, while listening, I can go to a place so deep listening to this remix. And that fact makes me value AMTRAC's work to another level. I'm grateful this was done. In my humble opinion, this is eargasm. 

It's a little slower than my usual picks for fridays but damn if it's worth it.

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