Selection: Kisses - The Hardest Part


Here's my Indie Pop Selection for this week. I've been listening to it for the past 2 weeks and haven't had the chance to post about it but this song is just amazing. This is the type of pop that makes me look forward to pop music in general. To believe it won't fail to deliver like it had for some time. And that is from the context of what this song does for the music industry.

From the standpoint of the band itself, to say this is a positive evolution in the group's releases is an understatement. By listening to this song you are witnessing the maturity of a very simple, humble and talented band that I never got to see in Bogotá last time they were there to play. They respond to their fans personally on social media and they deliver a candid and intimate performance wherever they go. Just like Funny Heartbeat, Bermuda and Midnight Lover, The Hardest Part is sure to be a standout track from their new forthcoming album. Don't believe me when I say the story of Kisses will be defined before and after this single? Perez Hilton blogged about it.

And to agree with you Kisses, indeed, falling in love *is* the hardest part. I'm not sure, I'm not sure.