Claptone - No Eyes ft. Jaw


This is without any doubts my favourite Deep House cut for the month of January. The lyrics, the elongated chords, the simplicity and complexity of it. The song's lyrics say more than I could ever try. I've been holding off on posting this because it's so good I want it for myself. I'm letting go.


It's a lonely night
Everybody's happy
Been turning around
Looking for a friendly light
But I see nothing
No eyes, no eyes on me
So many maybes
So many ways
So many ladies
So many men

And here's my favourite part, that bridge:

Can you see me lying
Can you see why I pretend
Can you feel me thinking
Would you save me if I fell
I would love to love you
I would love to be your man
Of this loneliness, please rid me.

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