Aaron Smith - Dancin (KRONO Remix)


If this isn't the most banging-sexy-groovy-dancey track I've gotten my hands off lately, then I don't know what a track sounds like. If there are few things that you like more than dancing, read on.

KRONO take the 2005 original happy-go-boom-boom and delve with it into deep sexy balearic sea disco territory. For the highway or the late night party near the beach, this song works every time. In fact, that steady, dry kick-drum pattern will have your feet tapping the office floor any time of the day.

KRONO is a french duo that couldn't be more french, and I couldn't like that fact any more than I do right now. French electro rock at its best.

Don't believe me this track is off the hook? As of the time of this writing the song is #1 on the most popular list of Hype Machine.

Dancin' is what to do,
Dancin's when I think of you,
Dancin's what clears my soul,
Dancin's what makes me whole