Naughty Boy- La La La (Feat. Sam Smith)


First I'd like to thank my friend @miguelpz for pointing me in the direction of this track. Second, I know nothing about Naughty Boy except that this is officially dropping in May on Virgin UK. Oh, I also assume from the way he sings 'cunt' when trying to say 'can't' that he's british.

When the song starts you're quite left a bit perplexed. I couldn't know what to make of it as right from the beginning all we hear is Sam Smith's 'la la la la's. And then, 30 seconds into the song it starts to get serious. The seriousness of listening to someone say the type of sh*t you ignore and don't want to hear. It's hard to deal with a love-hate when there's love in the middle. 

By the way, that hook is off the hook and catchy as f*ck! I think this song is gonna blow up everywhere anytime soon now. You've been warned. This is R&Bop (I think I just made that up) at its best.

Produced by Naughty Boy and Komi.

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