Compuphonic - Sunset (Aeroplane Remix)


I've been meaning to write about this track for a full week now. It's disco, it's nu, hints in its aroma of classic house and a twist some 80's drums and synths. On top of all that, we get Marques Toliver's awesome vocals singing this:

Live like your driving me crazy
you tell me it ain't real
but it's my biggest fear
It's about that time, time
time for me to unwind, wind
you can break it down on the dance floor
Love coming from a far
it fell down helplessly
started speak to my heart
but it was unclear to see
it spoke of a journey to sun
and the sun said "come seek thee"
but the message was far too strong
and the sun started dying.

Lately I've found myself singing this out loud in my car on the way to the office. I'm no Nostradamus, but I'm sure you will too.

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