Hey Champ - Comet (feat. BeuKes)


This is the second hit song we get from Hey Champ in the past few months. Two months ago we brought you Cliché and now this. Where Cliché was a happy celebration of the ordinary in a high energy delivery, Comet features ethereal vocals by BeuKes and an alt-rock that fancies the darker side of the shiny synths used in the previous single. 

In ways, Comet is the antithesis to Cliché. Needs, wants and desires come alive in this single's lyrics and what makes it a real winner is the perfect match of the vocals and the musical production on it. 

If you ask me, so far, Hey Champ is still holding their title as 2013 goes. I don't know how but that formula of 'cool guys with daddy issues' is working out.

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