Lucky Stripes - Take Me Dancing

lucky stripes.png

Ahh Friday. The day I save my most upbeat dancing and party tracks. Today I give you Take Me Dancing by Lucky Stripes. It's not the most upbeat track—but who wants a Progressive House every week at 128BPMs? Anyway, this one should get the party started. With a bit of an 80's vibe to it the looped vocals don't sound repetitive as the musical side of things makes sure that you're taken on a journey—or at least make believe you are. There's some white noise disguised as wind gusts, a nice break that acts as a bridge and lets the track breathe. The echoed claps that follow foreshadow what's about to come, a drop into an empty space of nothing that's quite deceiving. And then the party comes back. And it's a hands-in-the-air moment until it ends.

Enjoy this one wisely and repeat as needed. Have a good weekend y'all. And wish me luck on the 10K I'm running this Sunday.

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