Carousel - Another Day


Carousel is one of the handful of Indie Pop bands that I've been following closely and have consistently put out quality material worth writing about. This single is not the exception. Shiny synths rise above the dreamy verses about feeling so good about this situation that you want to stay another day.

I own a total of 6 songs by this band. The first one being Games from the fall of 2011. Of last year's releases, Stay Awake was my highlight and this year they sure started on a bright note with this one. I truly believe they should consider putting out a quality EP on 2013. Best case scenario would be a full LP. Here's to hoping.

Here's how my Et Musique Pour Tous writer/colleague Hayden described this song to perfection:

From the moment the synths kick in, images of light-leaked 16mm film of beach-side longing, bike riding through some unknown town you and your friends decided to explore one weekend, and nights where the sun stays out to play until 8 PM come to mind.
— Hayden @

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