Viceroy and French Horn Rebellion - Friday Nights


Today you're in luck, it's double whammy at! You're getting this aptly titled new single and another goodie at noon. Stay tuned.

As for Friday Nights, the Summertime, all the time man himself pairs up with French Horn Rebellion to give us the perfect tune to start this beautiful friday. Whether you're in warm or cold climates this song will come through any given friday. Happy Hour is only hours away and a wonderful weekend awaits. In the meantime, play this one over and over again. This is my new favourite Viceroy tune.

The song is fundamentally about a bromance gone sour.

It's essentially like, ok, you know when I see you everyday of the week we're doing stuff everyday like we have dinner or we'll go sip on margs, but every Friday night you're just gone, bro.