Purity Ring - Grammy (Soulja Boy Cover)


Probably the best cover I've heard of a Rap Ballad by an Indie group. 2010's original by Soulja Boy featuring Ester Dean was good. That is until this came out. Corin Roddick kills the production on the original and takes it to new heights. It's what the original should've sounded like. And what Soulja lacks on the vocals cutey Megan rises above and gives it the emotion the original lacks. 

Hey, when someone makes a song about wanting an award sound this good, they honestly deserve the award for Cover Of The Year if it existed. If to this we add the wit Purity Ring had of releasing this during Grammy® week, c'mon. 

I'll let you be the judge for yourself. Sound of in the comments and tell me I'm wrong. I dare you. I've got to thank sister blog Et Musique Pour Tous for bringing this one to my attention.

Get the song: Download