BRONX - She Was Gone

bronx sundays.png

Francisco Dávalos is a 20-year-old mexican who is rapidly solidifying himself in the Nu Disco scene with his quality remixes and originals. I think it was only a week ago that he released his Sundays EP which includes the song featured in this post as its highlight track. If you were a child of the 80's and were grooving those 90's like I was it will take little time to figure out that the vocal samples in this song belong to Aaliyah's If Your Girl Only Knew. That would make this another song that brings back 90's R&B popular tracks into the Nu Disco, and trust me, that ain't a bad thing. Along with D.S.F, BRONX and other newcomers are among my favourite right now in the scene. 

So, here's my invitation to you to start this Monday from a song off Sundays by BRONX. Happy week y'all.

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