The Knocks ft. St Lucia - Modern Hearts (Goldroom Remix)


After marinating this remix for one week before posting it I can safely say Josh has cooked up the perfect mixture of Balearic Sea Disco with just the right touch of the 80's twist. Situationally speaking this song can soundtrack many moments, from sunsets, to chillout evenings, it can start a DJ set or end it—it works every time.

If you're into making mixtapes for your friends –I see you Pelle– drop this one in the beginning or the end and watch it bring your selection to life.

Talking about the original with some music critic friends of mine, one believes that the boys could've done better with St Lucia on the vocals. Perhaps. But that said I'm really digging the whole bagpipes thing on the original. So, since I love them both, I'm including the original as a bonus.

Please support my friends Mr J-Patt & B-Roc by purchasing the original on iTunes, it's worth every penny. As a token of appreciation, I give you the fabulous Goldroom remix for free.