The Notorious B.I.G - Back To Cali (Yinyues Remix)


I'll lay it out from the start. This is the best Biggie Smalls remix I've ever heard. Period.

That's why this is my #TBT #Selection and #RemixOfTheWeek. All I know is that Yinyues' name is Dav, that he's from England, 17 years old and a somewhat prolific pianist. I deduce this since there's no way someone who is not could've come up with these arrangements and chords. I had never before heard such a chill version of a classic like Back To Cali and that it worked so well. Most if not all remixes I've her are way more uptempo or the slower ones are good but sound forced. It's as if Biggie had rapped this one to this melody. I cannot stop listening to it, and neither will you.

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