Tom Odell - Another Love (Jonas Rathsman Remix) + Bonus


I'll put it this way: the level of respect that Jonas Rathsman has acquired in my ears is similar to none. In such short time (a year, give and take?) he has managed to put out such incredible and detailed productions and remixes that it is nothing short of greatness. This remix is no exception. It has the Rathsman sound throughout yet he takes it down a notch on the groove gauge.

And since I'm feeling very happy today, here's a bonus. Meet Rebeka, a girl that's doing Experimental Pop at its best. You see, it has a lot of Röyksopp influence to it and that's not a bad thing. Pair that with a crooning vocal track and a steady drumbeat and what you have is the future (I hope) of Pop. 

Get the songs: Another Love | Unconscious