Meet Tez Cadey


I just learned about the existence of this 19-year-old producer from Lille, France that goes by the name of Tez Cadey. That's not to say he's a newcomer to the scene because apparently he has been putting out stuff for more than 2 years now. His Soundcloud is so extensive that I haven't been able to cover it all. And as much as I want to post some of his best work, it would make a really long post. So, let's do something: I'm going to post a couple of songs and if you like him, you click here and browse his rich Soundcloud page.

The first song I heard of his was his latest release: Coastal Cat which you can download by clicking HERE. Coastal Cat is like this song that you could swear you've heard but in reality, you haven't. It is a mixture of 3 types of songs that are very familiar but the fusion works with much freshness and manages to sound familiar yet new.

His Paradisco remix, oh god... Kid takes Charlotte Gainsbourg to new heights with that bassline and stripped vocals. And when that guitar comes in? Prft. Go on, hit play. I won't ruin it for you. 

Siberia is one of his elder originals. The main arrangement was first used by him in a remix for a song two years ago, and 2 months ago he made the instrumental an original release. Glad he did it. It works wonders.