Thursday #Selection ft. White Lies, REFLEX, Monsieur Adi & Walter Sobcek


Instead of TBT, today I'm giving you something similar to Friday Blender, where I hand-pick some of the best stuff I've found and have been listening to lately. 

In no particular order lets start with White Lies' Getting Even. Maybe I'm biased but I love this new single, in fact, I love almost everything they put out — you should see my collection of their stuff. It's just too good. 

My french buddies Lud & Andre from REFLEX have done it again with their latest single Together. As if the original isn't tropical enough, Boys Get Hurt give it a hands-in-the-air vibe and drench what's left over the sun into this melodic journey.  

I know in my last post I gave you a Seal - Crazy remix I really liked, but you see, I found this one brand new from Monsieur Adi and it's equally awesome in different ways. 

The first time I heard Walter Sobcek's Milkshake d'amour I liked it, yet I did not love it. But after the 2nd and 3rd listen I fell head over heels for it. It has so much going on for it that it can become a treasure hunt to find the subtleties and hidden sounds in it. I just love the concoction this french duo poured on this glass.