Wednesday Potpourri


In no particular order, let's dissect our musical selection for this awesome day. 

Out favourite Lucas Nord's summer single is here and it's as radio-sing-a-long-friendly as it can be. Quality stuff from Sweden.  

I fell head over heels on the first listen of Bit Funk's remix of Night Drive's Drones. WOW. It found me clapping in my office—I had to close the door. Yes Bit Funk, this is a winner and I'm eventually bringing you to the Dominican Republic. 

Touch & Go's Gotta Have U is by no means that new. What it actually is is one of the most difficult to find songs out there. I'm dancing as I write this. It has a little bit of different eras with some strong 80's and 90's vibe to it.

And now for the quality closing track of today's post I give you Oliver Koletzki's sick sick remix of Marlon Hoffstadt & HRRSN's Once Again. That bassline is so infectious and strong it might cause health issues in the faint of heart. And what about those vocals? Prft. Seriously, I doubt I'll find something more well crafted than this before the week ends. Not all crowds are worthy of dancing to this—you hear that DJs? Choose carefully. 

Get the songs: Run On Love | Drones (Bit Funk Remix) | Gotta Have U | Once Again (Oliver Koletzki Remix)