Saint Motel - My Type

my type.png
I’m a man who’s got very specific taste.

A little over a week ago I stumbled upon this track and it hit me. The trumpets, the harmonies and that catchy hook is like a perfect concoction of epochs in music that brings out the best of it. Didn't know who Saint Motel was but I will be paying close attention to what they release from now on.  

That said, I'd like to apologise for my lack of posts recently, I've been so caught up in work on a daily basis it just hasn't been easy finding the time. The upside is that I have SO MUCH new music for you guys ranging from throwbacks to some new instant classics and even my coveted Q-Tips (aka the songs I post that serve as a Q-tip to cleanse one's ears of all the shit that's been hitting the airwaves lately).